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The village was featured in the 1974 BBC documentary The Road to Balnakeil, and is currently home to chocolate manufacturers Cocoa Mountain. In 2001 the population of Durness was around 350 residents, with Balnakeil taking a small portion of this.
In 1880 John Scott was in Balnakeil, rented at £1385, Drumswordlan was rented by John Scobie at £1000, the next largest, Achumore, was occupied by John Elliott at a rent of £893. I think the same Elliots are still there as well as near Kelso with the ...
GO north. Follow that magnetic arrow six hours out of the Central Belt, far from the crowd of maddies, and carry on until you almost run out of land; then, at Durness, take a left, crest the brow of a rise, and you're there – Balnakeil Craft Village ...
From their base in Balnakeil craft village, set in an abandoned RAF base left over from the Cold War, James Findlay and Paul Maden export their lavish chocolates all over the world. Keith Smith discovers how they are challenged – and inspired – by the set.
Despite their success, they say they will leave Balnakeil as a local father and son have taken “offense” at their lifestyle and subjected them to years of insults and threats. The conflict escalated in April 2012 and John Morrison, 63, and his son ...
A regular summer visitor to Balnakeil, owner Paul Maden completed a professional chocolatier course in Vancouver before setting up Cocoa Mountain in 2006 with partner James Findlay. Laura Gunn, development manager for HIE, said: "We have been ...
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