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Pcgawnmad Replying T. Watts 10:55pm Fri 22 Jan 16. Interesting tactic but as usual you are making a complete Twatt of yourself, give up, it won't work Helen. Winston Churchill saved this country, only to be disrespectfully booted out by the type of ...
As part of the 2015 Aviation Festival, the Second World War Twatt aerodrome — HMS Tern — is open to the public tomorrow afternoon, Sunday. The open day, run by the Birsay Heritage Society and ARGOS, will feature Orkney Vintage Club and the Orkney ...
Sandy Balls, Hampshire; Wetwang, East Yorkshire; Cockermouth, Cumbria; Three Cocks, Powys; Twatt, Shetland Islands; Bell End, Northamptonshire; Slack Bottom, West Yorkshire; Butts View, Derbyshire; Cocking, Sussex; Bully Hole Bottom, Monmouthshire ...
Organisers of a Women's Institute event have ordered a stall holder to cover up merchandise with place names such as Wetwang, Bell End, and Minge Lane in order to spare its ladies' blushes. Towns and villages such as Cockermouth, Twatt, and Assington, ...
The donor of the statue – who had wished to remain anonymous until the ceremony – was revealed as being Alan Twatt, a Stromness-born businessman who now lives south. Addressing a large crowd at the pierhead, Mr Twatt watched as the statue was ...
SÆBY: Så er der opvisning i folkedans når det er bedst med Regionens folkedanseropvisningshold ”PÅ TWATT” på søndag den 30. juni om formiddagen. Samtidig holder Sæbys butikker søndagsåbent på grund af musikfestivalen, og gruppens spillemænd ...
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