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The Geira pictured in Fetlar back in 2012. Photo: Robert Thomson SHETLAND Islands Council had to shell out £450,000 on emergency repairs to its ferry MV Geira in order to prevent the Bluemull Sound route being left with only one vessel for a ...
Cheyne (as in “chain”, although we learn that on his native Shetland Isle of Fetlar we would hear “sheen”) was a distinguished surgeon and bacteriologist. He was to Lord Lister, that pioneer of antiseptic surgery, what Thomas Henry Huxley was to ...
The two turbines will power the Fetlar Green Energy scheme, providing renewable heat and power to the local primary school and other connected buildings. Any surplus generated by Fetlar Wind will be donated to a local charity for use in supporting ...
Red-necked Phalaropes are doing well elsewhere in Scotland too, with record numbers counted in two locations on Shetland – the species' British stronghold – and particularly the island of Fetlar, where RSPB Scotland manages wetlands for these birds.
Red-necked phalaropes migrate to the Western Isles and to Orkney and Shetland during the summer. Thirty-six breeding males were counted on RSPB Scotland's reserve in Fetlar, Shetland, equalling the highest number that has ever been recorded there.
The accommodation and chapel in Fetlar. A COMMUNITY of nuns which has been based in Fetlar for nearly 30 years has moved to nearby Unst because of the "level of social care" available. The Society of Our Lady of the Isles has been in Fetlar since being ...
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