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Cheadle Auto Club ran their recent motorcycle trial in sunny but cold weather at Tittesworth Farm, Blackshaw Moor. This is will be the last-ever trial run at Tittesworth as the Robinson family are giving up the lease at the end of the month. Cheadle ...
Michael and Cindy Hall are applying for the garden in Bidduph Moor to be given a certificate for lawful use. The land is technically agricultural land and was originally purchased by Michael's father, Clive Green, in the 1950s. It has been used as a ...
A major redevelopment planned at a former Army camp which could create more than 60 jobs is set to be given the green light. A renewed planning application to redevelop the former Anzio camp in Blackshaw Moor goes before members of Staffordshire ...
Around 18 months ago staff at Blackshaw Moor Caravan Club, Anthony and Sheila Kendall, were made aware of the history of the club site. Touched by the news, they wanted to know more, and working with Zosia (Sophie) Biegus and Zbyszek (Tony) Hryciuk ...
Staff at The Caravan Club's Blackshaw Moor Site are preparing to unveil a memorial plaque to commemorate the Polish community based in that area during the Second World War. The plaque will be placed on a gatepost from the original campsite entrance ...
A man injured in an incident at Blackshaw Moor has been told that he faces surgery to have a metal plate fitted under his eye. It comes as residents table a petition calling for action to curb "noise and disturbance" outside The Three Horseshoes ...
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