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Tom Cotton has emerged as a new leading voice on national defense, while Ben Sasse has cornered the market on constitutional talk the way Cruz once did. Cotton and Sasse both have cute kids, too, by the way, but thankfully they don't talk about ...
Cotton futures rose nearly one percent to register the biggest gain in more than a week on Monday, helped by a weak dollar and short covering. "There is an element of people who think they should be long in the commodities market in general," said ...
The volume of business improved on fresh buying interest by mills, dealers said on the cotton market on Tuesday. The official spot rate was down by Rs 50 to Rs 5,600 dealers said. In the Punjab, prices showed no change at Rs 3100 and Rs 3400, they said.
The Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) has expressed its support for genetically-modified Bt Cotton in Nigeria. In a letter to the Country Representative of Monsanto, a global seed company, by the RMRDC Director General, Dr.
The 50 percent decline in commodity prices of the last 24 months is taking a toll on Mid-South farmers and their communities. Judging from the auction calendars in these pages, some have already made a hard decision while others are still weighing ...
For centuries, the only we had only cotton for making clothes out of. Even though we have a lot of other options today, but clothes made out of naturally grown cotton are still in very high demand. Historians speculate that cotton have been cultivated ...
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