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The plans would have seen a 113ft-high turbine at Wood End Farm, Wetley Rocks, a 147ft construction on land off Bemersley Road, Brown Edge, and a 58ft turbine near Lane End Farm, Lask Edge. But now Staffordshire Moorlands District Council has ...
PART of a farm could be transformed into a tea room for visitors if a planning application is given the go ahead. The owners of Hollinshead Farm, in Lask Edge, near Biddulph, have applied to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council for permission to ...
The committee also unanimously voted to refuse the Lask Edge Farm application. Nearby resident Hal Wilson said: "I would be the nearest neighbour and only 150 metres away. It is to close to our property. Both my wife and myself have health issues.
"A case has not been made for special reasons." But the applicant's agent, Paul Coales, said: "The income would be used to finance the family's 162-acre farm. The turbine will not impede on any residents." At Lask Edge, resident Hal Wilson said: "I ...
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