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TRUSTEES of Tytherton Village Hall are in a race against time to find a location for a new village hall and raise £300,000. The lease of the current village hall, in the centre of East Tytherton, would only allow it to be used for a maximum of five ...
A sparkling wine created at the Maud Heath vineyard in East Tytherton has won acclaim after being tested by three experts at a UK Vineyards Association competition. The experts awarded a bronze medal for the Maud Heath Sparkling 2011, a blend of ...
The Bateman family drank a toast to their success after the release of their first sparkling wine. The family, who own the Maud Heath vineyard in East Tytherton, released the wine last month, six years after planting began. In 2006 and 2008 they ...
Joshua Charlesworth, 18, from East Tytherton; Benjamin Pethers, 28, of Hoopers Pool, Southwick; Stuart Radbourne, 28, of The Common, Bromham; Paul Tylee-Hinder, 58, of Quemerford, Calne; and Jonathon Seed, 54, of Chittoe Heath, Bromham, all denied ...
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