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I put my chute on and went back to where the waist gunners are — in the middle of the plane. The radio operator was laying on the floor. A piece of shrapnel got him in the kidney, a big hole. He knew what was going on — he was conscious but bleeding ...
A: Blue goose is a nickname given this small tractor by township workers, and though it's the only model of its kind I've seen in operation, its industrial-strength snowblowing attachment seems very efficient, driving crusted snow and ice through the ...
The injured Taupo skydiver recovering in Christchurch's Burwood Spinal Unit after breaking his back heads a company dedicated to the adrenaline-filled adventure sport. Liam Dunne broke lower vertebrae during a jump from 3900 metres at a skydiving ...
Sandy Falls Generating Station was the first plant to be completed as part of OPG's larger Upper Mattagami and Hound Chute Project. Lower Sturgeon and Wawaitin were declared in service just over a week ago. Hound Chute is the final station to be placed ...
The patrol clearly felt that its closure extended to rocky cliff bands to the left and right of that chute, said David Perry, Skico's senior vice president, mountain division.But Blake Davidson, a 25-year-old local man killed in the avalanche, may have ...
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