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Great Ness and Little Ness Parish Council has objected to Shropshire Council over plans by Great Ness Poultry Farm Ltd for four bird rearing buildings, a biomass building, 10 feed bins and other buildings by the A5 at Kinton Farm near Nesscliffe.
Little Ness is happily gulping down feeds of fish and putting on weight under the watchful eye of staff at the Seal Sanctuary in the Exploris Aquarium in Portaferry, Co Down. Had Ness not been recovered by a Northern Conservation Team Ranger on ...
“May [mercy] also enable us to understand the littleness of all that we do in God's greater plan of salvation and his majestic and mysterious working,” Francis said. Below, via Vatican Radio, is a translation of Pope Francis' address delivered to the ...
Seventy-five years of the Garneau Theatre (sounds a lot better than “dodranscentennial!”). The only early-modernist picture-house still operating in Alberta (going from Famous Players to a repertory theatre to a cinématheque now, thanks to Metro Cinema).
“No sadder proof can be given by a man of his own littleness than disbelief in great men.” – Thomas Carlyle, 19th century Scottish philosopher. The past few weeks have seen the cool-dead thump of the fall from grace of various heroes from multiple ilks ...
Studying the concept of littleness in particular is important because being “little” is a universal state of humanity: We enter the world as young, small, weak vulnerable beings and we return to that smaller, weaker state of being in our old age. In my ...
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