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Hawley is being rebuilt and widened with a center-turn lane in that part of town. The project began in 2015 and should wrap up in 2017. New sanitary and storm sewers and water lines are being added. So are new traffic lights and sidewalks and an ...
A Decatur Utilities contractor will be installing a new sewer main near the intersection of Church Street and Grant Street Southeast, requiring the outer northbound lane of Church to be closed. Traffic will be diverted into the inner northbound lane.
Motorists can expect lane closures on Bindubi Street in Belconnen this month as a new $21 million joint emergency services hub is built at Aranda. But ACT Emergency Services Agency Commissioner Dominic Lane hosed down concerns the building work ...
The westbound lane of Portland Street in Lincoln is to be closed until September in the next phase of work on the East West Link Road. The left hand turn from Canwick road onto Portland Street will be blocked from July 6 as the first phase of the £22 ...
After rolling out an extensive social media campaign including new Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, there seems to be at least one more change in the works for Caitlyn Jenner. Residents of 'Bruce Jenner Lane' in Austin, TX are contemplating ...
The new King Street bike lane in Honolulu has been open for a month, but people still aren't using it correctly. A viewer contacted us wondering why bicyclists are doing that and why laws are not being enforced. Some bicyclists are enjoying their ...
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