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“Big Fish” is about the prickly relationship between traveling salesman, Edward Bloom, and his son, Will. Due to his job, Edward was frequently away from home when Will was growing up, compensating by telling his son extraordinary stories about his ...
Bonytail are the rarest of the endangered fish that live in the upper Colorado River system. This finding represents a major step forward in recovering the species and ultimately getting it removed from the federal endangered species list," Krissy ...
Officials said the fish was purchased by the Upper Great Plains chapter of Muskies Inc. in 1991 and stocked into West Okoboji Lake in April 1992 at an average length of 12.7 inches. "Every muskellunge stocked in the Iowa Great Lakes was batched marked ...
The Espanola Game and Fish Club was at Cutler Lake to catch female walleyes and begin harvesting their eggs to continue to grow the walleye population. Since the thaw of the lakes began, members have been heading down to the lakes to check their nets ...
An article written by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission explains the Atlantic Sturgeon is a primitive fish dating back to the dinosaur age. The primitive fish can grow up to 9 feet in length and can weigh up to 500 pounds. Atlantic ...
A grandfather who set up a secret camera after dozens of rare fish were stolen from his pond was stunned to discover the thief was - a hungry OTTER. Kelvin Skyrme initially suspected he was being targeted by someone with a grudge against him when he ...
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