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There are those who choose to ignore the inevitable, and those who have accepted the reality that is Coomie the Oovil Cloon. Formally known as “Cammie the Evil Clown,” Coomie is on a quest… for thighs. Residing in a vent within the confines of an ...
'BLETHERIN skate. Big mooth. Big-heidit. Sleekit. Cloon. Bauchle. Dottled. Feel. Fou o himsel. Eejit. Strang. Mintit. Smert. Pouer. Gallus. Havers. Erse.” Yon's whit a swatch o oor American brithers and sisters had tae say when spiered in a survey for ...
Galway perfumer, Cloon Keen Atelier, have been named 'Best Specialist Shop' in the annual Irish Times 'Best Shop Awards' for their shop on 21a High Street. The Best Shop Awards were established in 2012 to highlight retailers who are making a difference ...
A shop selling own-brand scented candles and fragrances that are made in Spiddal doesn't sound like a business proposal any bank manager would jump at. But when you walk through the doors of Cloon Keen Atelier in Galway, it's an instant hit.
Then come and visit our team of passionate gardeners today at the Cloon Nursery & Garden Centre. We have a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to the garden, meaning we can offer you the best local advice - ensuring you make the most of ...
This mansion in Kilcock, Co Kildare, did not attract any bids 3 This mansion in Kilcock, Co Kildare, did not attract any bids The 11 units in Cloon Lara, Mullingar, sold for €978,000 Michael McAllen, from Killarney, who boughts an apartment in Limerick ...
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