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Illustrator and set designer Gary Card has charted the Purple Rain singer's iconic hair styles from 1978 to 2013 in a series of charming drawings. Pictured: At the release of his first album For You in 1978 Prince had a full Afro (left)In 1979 he ...
Gary Card, un illustrateur et designer anglais fan de Prince, avait réalisé ce travail graphique en 2013 qui retrace 35 ans de coiffures du chanteur, de 1978 à 2013. En plus d'avoir plusieurs noms, Prince a réinventé son style au fur et à mesure des ...
Open Sportsmen (20 laps): Pat O'Hanlon, Aaron Shelton, Claude Hutchings, Dave Rosa, Butch Klinger, Jeremy Vunk, Ricky Ross, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Rudy Roth, Lisa Williams, Jim Gould, Gary Card Jr., Dwayne Jackson, Tim French Jr., Tyler Hart, Skip ...
Gary Card has proved that Prince stood out from the crowd and the dull, contemporary hairstyle trends – every year from 1978 to 2015. From the forehead curl to the mighty afro, Prince blow-dried and preened it all to perfection – but which look was ...
The Mood: Amped-up Edwardian, from proportions to palette. With Picasso-esque murals by set artist Gary Card, the entire space was swathed in deep teal. The Shoes: A highly-pigmented range of magenta, violet, amber and that same teal really sang when ...
London-based set designer Gary Card – who designed the interior of the LN:CC store in the city – lined the runway with a maze of three-dimensional forms made from medium density fibreboard (MDF). He also laid flat pieces of the material with cut-out ...
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